About Us

Our Story

 We share a passion for music and collaboration! Despite coming from different walks of life and musical experiences, we're brought together to create and play the music that inspires us.  

What Inspires Us?

 Sharing great music!  Who doesn't love classic Mo-town - greats like Aretha Franklin,  Wilson Pickett, Marvin Gaye - the list is endless.  

Our Influences

 We come from eclectic backgrounds ranging from Country to Jazz - but share a common understanding that all popular genres have the same roots - roots that influenced and inspired Soul and R&B (with a little Chicago Blues thrown in for good measure).  

Who's Who in the Zoo


An interview with Gerald Bara (Pianoman)

 Name a Music Career Highlight:  

  • There was a guitar player who let me turn my piano amp louder than his amp. 

What makes you unique musically:   

  • I use a full back drummer chair at my piano. 

Years of playing experience: 

  • 40 ish. Sometimes I even played good. 

Why did you choose to be in GCSB:

  • Good people - even Jon. 

What do “past band mates” say about you:  

  • Goodbye. 

Favourite past time outside of Music:

  • Ball wockey. Like ball hockey but we walk because we don’t run so good anymore. 

Five things to know about Jon(nie)

Jon’s first instrument was clarinet in grade 8 … he switched to

Jon Paton (Saxoholic)


Five things to know about Jon(nie)

  1. Jon’s first instrument was clarinet in grade 8 … he switched to sax in high school to meet chicks (didn’t work)
  2. He studied Sax Performance in Grant MacEwan’s jazz program (fun fact: was older than most of his teachers)
  3. Secretly enjoys playing recorder (contributed to his success in high school - see # 1)
  4. The best advice he ever got ?  Twelve keys motherf***er - Twelve keys!
  5. Life can be summed up in not so simple terms … ii-V7-I


Cam Heslep (The Meat Behind the Beat)

 Cam’s first drum lesson was in 1969. He was influenced by his first Drum Teacher at that inaugural lesson to play left handed. His style of play is inspired today by Teco Torres, the late Buddy Rich (without the temper) and the legendary Gene Krupa. 

Over his playing career Cam has played in a variety of venues for Artists, all having diverse styles and genres. If you were to pick up his iPad, you’d find a blending of Blues, R&B, Jazz and the odd tune from his daughter’s playlist.

His sense of humour, discipline, and drive all contribute to the uniqueness of the Grand Central Station Band.  


Jayme Fritz (Axeman Extraordinaire)

 Jayme picked up the guitar and started playing in bands at age 14 and never looked back! Since then he has graduated from the Grant MacEwan music program and has played in numerous original as well as corporate musical groups all over Western Canada.   Throughout his career he has opened up for George Canyon, Dr.Hook, Julian Austin and many others!   Jayme loves playing all styles of music and entertaining is his passion! 


Crystal Singz (Chanteuse)

 Crystal started enjoying music as a young girl, starting by playing the piano.  Not formally trained in voice, she taught herself at a young age how to sing and harmonize by ear.  

She has played in a number of  bands around Edmonton over the last few years, and has performed in  numerous venues (such as Festival Place).  She also sang the national anthem for the inaugural Cracker Cats Baseball game in 2005, the Brick Invitational Hockey Tournament in 2018, and most recently, the 2019 Men’s Provincial Curling Championships.

When Crystal is not singing, you will find her throwing stones out at the curling rink, or cheering on her favorite curler, Brad Gushue!


Leigh"Fretman" Dickout (All about that Bass)

 Why I chose GCSB:    

  • They called and I answered the phone. 

Years playing:     

  • 5 decades of various styles (some better than others)

Music career high lite:    

  • Besides GCSB? Touring Europe with a 17 piece big band orchestra

What is unique about you:   

  • Can adapt to a situation and come out unscathed

Musical influences:   

  • My wife saying “OH NO ..  not that song again“

What past band mates say about you:  

  • He was a lovely boy!

Favourite past time outside of music:  

  • Chasing a little white ball down a big field/ forest somewhere.